Etichete autoadezive in rola

Multilayer labels give you additional space to display information. This solution adds value to your product.


The booklet is a “book” label with up to 16 tabs and a self-adhesive backing.

– 16 x more printing space while maintaining size and shape.

– Securing information for advertising campaigns: inserting, scratch-off, adhesive that self-destructs on peel-off, lamination, seal with perforations.

– Additional space for inserting leaflets, translations, recipes or other additional information.

– Applied in industrial printing.

– Applied with special adhesive, adapted to extreme conditions: difficult surfaces, temperature, humidity.


The self-adhesive piggy back label communicates interactively on two layers. The base of the label remains attached to the product and the top label can be removed and re-applied to another material.

– It is used when it is necessary to transfer the label to another medium: promotions, feedback envelopes, product registration, inventory systems, shipping returns, etc.

– Labels are also used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


One secure self-adhesive label can turn into two, offering a number of advantages in a limited space:

– Doubling the information display space on the same given surface.

– No back label is required: applied to a transparent container, the label is visible on both sides.

– Spectacular visual effects through the tandem front label – back label, applied to a transparent container.

– The adhesive used can be removable, allowing you to peel off the label and read the information on the back.